Support to the actual execution of the Implementation Plan for Photovoltaics of the SET Plan and monitoring the Implementation Plan’s delivery

Almost 200 experts representing Italian PV research centers, industry and national institutions met on 4 June at the Workshop "Fotovoltaico Motore della Transizione Ecologica" (PV is the Engine of the Ecological Transition) organized in the framework of the PV IMPACT project. The aim of the workshop was to to establish a direct connection between the Implementation Plan of the SET Plan (namely its execution strategy described in the White Paper 'A Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation to Relaunch the Italian Photovoltaic Sector') and the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan. 

The event started with a presentation of the White Paper which translates the priorities of the PV Implementation Plan of the SET Plan, into a comprehensive action plan with clear objectives and expected economic and strategic impact. This initiative goes hand in hand with the plans of the European PV industry to relaunch large-scale manufacturing in Europe along the whole value chain and is inspired by the R&I “missions” of Horizon Europe.

In a second talk, the Head of the "New Technologies and Research in the Energy Sector" Department of the newly formed  "Ministry for the Ecologic Transition", discussed the White Paper and pointed out its key contributions to designing a viable strategy for the Energy Transition to Renewables in Italy. Most of all, he highlighted the commitment of his Department towards a more deep integration between the strategic proposals contained in White Paper and the actual projects laid out in the Recovery Plan.

Next, the workshop was structured in 4 panels of discussion, namely:

  • Panel 1: Strategies and Technologies for an Italian PV value chain. Introductory presentation by Fabrizio Bizzarri (ENEL Green Power), Chair: Aldo Di Carlo (CNR and CHOSE)


  • Panel 2: Building/Infrastructure Integrated PV, Energy Communities and New Industrial Value Chains. Introductory presentation and Chair of the Discussion Panel: David Moser (EURAC)


  • Panel 3: Ground based and floating PV: Sustainable "Agrivoltaics" and PV on water basins and in offshore "energy islands". Introductory presentation and Chair of the Discussion Panel: Paola Delli Veneri (ENEA)


  • Panel 4: Contributions to the foundations of Energy Transition: Education and Circular Economy



The workshop ended with a wrap up of the main conclusions drawn by the two Italian Representatives in the SET Plan Steering Committee, Riccardo Basosi and Marcello Capra.



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