Support to the actual execution of the Implementation Plan for Photovoltaics of the SET Plan and monitoring the Implementation Plan’s delivery

The second Scientific & Technical meeting (Sci & Tech) of the PV IMPACT project took place online on 3&4 February. While the first Sci & Tech meeting focused on the enhancement of cast-mono material at the crystallization stage, this second meeting followed the production chain, addressing topics such as the choice of the cell architecture according to cast-mono requirements and of the cast-mono module's lifetime once installed. 

Renowned international experts in the field of silicon solar cells and long-term degradation characterization participated in the meeting to share their views on the status of public research on the topic of compatibility of cast-mono silicon with current solar cells architectures and on the long-term degradation of cast-mono cells and modules. The discussions focused on the state-of-the-art research and expertise regarding the behavior of this low carbon footprint material. 

The workshop concluded that cast-mono modules can highly contribute to the achievement of the PV Implementation Plan by improving the environmental and societal sustainability of silicon-based modules. In addition to being a low carbon footprint product, cast-mono material is compatible with high efficiency and reliable modules.

The PV IMPACT team thanks all participants for this rich exchange.



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